As UCC became more involved in mining around the world, they worked to improve their equipment and machinery for more efficient mining practices. In the 1960s, Victor T. Johnson invented “new and useful improvements” to power generating systems. These improvements allowed large, steam-electric power generators to be installed in arid regions where water necessary for cooling the generators wasn’t readily available.

Johnson submitted his U.S. patent in 1964, and sold the rights to his invention to Utah Construction for $1.00 and “for other good and valuable consideration.” Patent applications were submitted in multiple countries, including Australia, France, Great Britain, Italy, Mexico, and South Africa. The implementation of Johnson’s invention improved UCC’s mining projects around the globe.

Did you ever wonder what happened to all those stock certificates from Utah International after they were cashed in? They were stapled together and placed in a box. Then Special Collections would go through each box, unstaple each certificate and then place them in the correct order.


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