Weber State Stewart Library would like to thank the donors who have supported the preservation of the legacy of Utah Construction/Utah International.

Special thank you to the Edmund & Jeannik Littlefield Foundation for its generous donations that have made the preservation and digitization of the collection possible.

  • Brindle Foundation
  • Frances W Burton Foundation
  • George E., Sr. and Linda F. Caine
  • T. Kelly Dalton
  • Lawrence T. Dee - Janet T. Dee Foundation
  • Thomas D., III and Candace C. Dee
  • Ray and Martha Donnenwirth
  • Jane B. Dunaway
  • Edmund W. and Carol B. Dumke
  • Ezekiel R., Jr. and Katherine W. Dumke
  • Ezekiel R., III and Angela S. Dumke
  • David A. Eccles
  • David C. and Carol O. Eccles
  • George S. and Dolores DorĂ© Eccles Foundation
  • M. Val and Valerie Eccles
  • Marriner C. Eccles
  • David W. and Judith N. Ellingson
  • Tena D. and William Farr
  • Maren E. Hardy
  • William H. and Mattie Wattis Harris Foundation
  • Hope Hayward
  • Martha Ann D. Healy
  • C. Charles, III and Elise G. Hetzel
  • Henry H and Angela M. Hite
  • James C. Hoellein
  • Joan Hubbard
  • John C. Jarman
  • John W. Jarman
  • The Kimball Foundation
  • William R., Jr. and Gretchen Kimball
  • Judith E. and Robert J. Kretz
  • Edmund & Jeannik Littlefield Foundation
  • Sarah Langsdon
  • Sharon R. and Rudolph Lewis
  • Michael J. and Brenda N. McNamara
  • Patricia McNamara
  • Ann B. and Joseph A. Michael
  • William and Helen T. Mulder
  • Jay C. and Dee Ann Nye
  • Jeanne B. Olsen
  • Howard A. Olsen
  • Patrick E. Poce
  • Michael R. and Ann S. Polk
  • Donald W. Pollock
  • Richard H. and Hannelore M. Romney
  • Claire D. and Stephen Ryberg
  • Nancy Schwanfelder
  • John R. Sillito
  • Denise Sobel
  • Julie A. Stapley
  • Karen A. Stock
  • James R. Tobin, Jr
  • Betsy D. and Scott W. Thornton
  • Washington Mutual Matching Gift Program
  • Maysie E. Watts
  • Wattis Dumke Foundation
  • Paul L., Jr. and Willene H. Wattis
  • Paul Lyman, III and Anne M. Wattis
  • Paul L. Wattis Foundation
  • Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation
  • Rodney W. Wattis
  • Alexander M. and Beverlee E. Wilson
  • Wishes are Forever Foundation
  • Robert M.,Sr. and Cleone E. Yeates
  • Yellowstone Historic Center Inc.


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